Our mission is straight-forward

commit to a sustainable future, and to improve the
social, economic, and environmental well-being of our
partners and customers through product innovation, transparency, and a responsible code of conduct.

Pairs of shoes
and 1,232 pieces of clothing had their life extended.
People served
We helped 1,650
Ukrainian refugees
Diverted 827 pounds
from local landfills.

in practice

While environmental awareness has been part of our DNA from the beginning, our organized efforts began in earnest in 2021.

Faced with the requirement to match the standards of some of our key partners we seized the opportunity to put in the effort and resources to exceed them. We created an ESG committee, a diverse, dedicated assembly of Sunrise Brands employees committed to this endeavor. We set off on a journey toward securing business success for our brands as well as a net-positive effect on our precious Earth.

on a path

Report to the HIGG index. Report testing to Burea Vertias. Use OEKO-Tex 100 certified goods.
Year of collaborations Soles4souls One tree planted
Create a baseline carbon footprint.  Partner with vendors who use BCI Cotton.
Research and implement the use of alt eco fabrications such as BCI Cotton, Recycled Cotton, Ciclo treated fabric and Tencel.
Design, source, and develop branded Sustainable collections across all our brands.
Committed to sustainability and promise to uphold our social responsibility.
our efforts

Since its inception in 2021, our ESG committee has made incredible inroads toward achieving our initial goals. Through our efforts, we have become even more focused on how Sunrise Brands affects the world around us — but we’ve also turned that energy inward, exercising our values in our day-to-day operations. This shared focus on ethical success has brought our brands closer together and buoyed our employees, whose ceaseless commitment and passion have been rewarded with unmistakable momentum.

The work

Our ESG efforts have been extensive, straddling all aspects of our business. We have rolled out policies and programs to reduce waste across our family of brands, identifying a wealth of opportunities to donate or reuse everything from fabric scraps to e-waste. We have eliminated excess packaging, instead using biodegradable and recyclable options for shipments, and vetted all factories to understand their environmental practices. All of this has been in service of reducing our carbon footprint and furthering our social and environmental goals.


greater together

We believe firmly that we are most effective when we work together.

share the joy

While each of our brands brings something unique to the table, we have a common desire to share the joy of fashion in a forward-looking, responsible way. In a short period of time, we have effectively harnessed the energy of our shared dream to fuel our actions and enable progress.

our partners

Sunrise Brands is proud to partner with a select group of organizations whose values align with ours to execute our ESG initiatives, amongst them Soles4Souls, Green Chip, One Tree Planted, FabScrap, and BlueJeansGoGreen. These partners have been integral to our work and we
are grateful to have them as part of our efforts, and part
of our community.