Competitive Edge

Our denim design heritage and longstanding as a world-class trading company provide a wealth of knowledge and time-tested practices. Sunrise Brands has a proven track record of partnering with national retailers to deliver market-tested merchandising programs.

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our Edge

speed to market

Sunrise Brands strives to offer retailers the optimum amount of flexibility in meeting today’s competitive retail environment. Our fast track trending and manufacturing processes enable our Retail Partners to achieve margin goals, better allocate open-to-buys and increasingly add fast-fashion value to their assortment. Annually, we deliver over 30 million pairs of casual bottoms and their branded lifestyle collections against the most demanding calendars in the industry.


The flexibility of our system and facility infrastructures enables us to embrace challenges of any size and passionately incubate new business concepts. Supported by the capacity of our supply chain, we have the ability to quickly deploy proven branded and non-branded business models and aggressively scale-up operations as required.

Distribution Flexibility

Sunrise Brands is well versed in the full spectrum of modern retailing and possess an extensive understanding of different consumer unmet needs. From value to premium retail channels and from classic to contemporary styling, each retailer faces unique market positioning. We delivers inspired solutions for each of our Partners.

tailormade solutions

Sunrise Brands is highly versatile in designing and delivering tailor-made solutions; product lines range from classic to contemporary and from value price to premium. Our “best practice” service/trading model provides a rare insight into the retailing industry. Approached with both business opportunities and challenges, we proudly customize unique service solutions.

multi category potential

Enabled by our versatile business practices, we are poised to tackle more product categories than the traditional apparel manufacturer. Sunrise regularly provides collective knowledge in collaborating with best-in-industry talent. In past seasons, we have forged partnerships with Premium Denim houses, Sweater, Outerwear, Accessories and personal Care vendors. Our retail partners benefit from the resulting category gains and in turn challenge us to develop additional brand extensions.